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Attention all business story tellers - Unleash the power of corporate storytelling in business and the use of metaphor in your organisation.

Essential Leadership & Business Resources

Downloadable eBooks & e-WorkBooks in .pdf format, Storytelling Articles, Examples of Analogies & Business Metaphors, Monthly Newsletters on Storytelling in Business, Audio Streams, Workshops, Interaction with Story Tellers Graham Williams & Dorian Harhoff, Self Assessment Tools and more aimed at:
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How will storytelling & metaphor examples help me in the workplace?

Story & Metaphors for Speakers

If you...

  • want to develop your mindfulness and imagination;
  • want to be more charismatic and influential;
  • want to enrich and enliven your conversations;
  • want to be highly valued by your colleagues and friends;
  • desire to tap into the minds of others at a deep level;
  • need your ideas and offers accepted, speak with authority and impart unforgettable messages;
  • are a trainer needing to deliver insights effortlessly;
  • want to really listen to what your clients want from you, and impress with your responses using metaphors & anecdotes;
  • want to invoke, listen and capture stories in order to make sense of and respond to situations;
  • want to succeed and get the right results when faced with crucial conversations;
  • Register Heretranscend limiting beliefs;

    …then become a member of The Halo & the Noose storytelling movement now!


An ongoing and growing list of story-telling and listening resources:

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Story Telling WorkshopsCorporate Story Telling & Listening Workshops

We offer customised and open corporate workshops that cover all aspects of story in business, filled with aha and haha moments, are highly participative and interactive and equip participants with valuable new skills, storytelling techniques and a toolbox.

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